Copy and execute file to remote machine like psexec with the Windows api

These days we have heard a lot about the new Petya (or NotPetya, EternalPetya, etc…) ransomware (or wiper). It propagates itself using the same exploit as WannaCry, eternalBlue. But the malware is using additional method to propagate itsefl. It enumerates local credentials and tries to login into remote machines with psexec for executing itself there. In this article I talk a bit about the Windows api that psexec is using for copying and executing files in a remote machine, and i share a PoC in python.

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Analyzing ATM malware

Since a time ago, they are beginning to appear a new wave of malware targeting Automated Teller Machines (ATM): Backdoor.MSIL.Tyupkin, Backdoor.Padpin, the newer GreenDispenser, etc… All of them seem to be using the eXtensions for Financial Services (XFS) library to manage ATM. If you try to debug/analyze or you introduce a sample of these malware families into a Cuckoo sandbox, it won’t run because it will fail to load msxfs.dll.

The problem is that XFS seems to be a private library. Simulators and debug environments are private software, and expensive to buy. I have been not able to find a open source solution. For this reason i decided to implement a fake msxfs.dll. It will have the same exports than the original one. There isn’t enough documentation and it’s hard to create a perfect simulator dll, I tried to simulate the most typical commands that these malware families are using, for example for returning random digits from the pinpad when the trojan tries to recover them.

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Cross site request forgery vulnerability in Linksys WAG120N

In my previous post i described a vulnerability that would let configure DNS in multiple models of Comtrend routers by clicking an url like this:


I am pretty sure that many models of Comtrend and other manufacturers suffer vulnerabilities of this type. In this post i am going to describe how to attack a router Linksys WAG120N in a similar way.

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